If you visit the page with the services that you are interested in and then scroll down past the images, you will find approximate fee tables on each of those pages.
Depending upon my workload and what is involved in your assignment, this can be within 24 hours, but please get in touch for an accurate estimate.
I always provide both print and web resolution JPEGs, but if you or your designers are going to edit (e.g.: crop) and save them yourselves, please ask for TIFFs, as the quality of JPEGs deteriorate every time the file is saved. Please Google "lossy compression".
As with all creative works, copyright is retained by the creator, unless an assignment of copyright agreement has been negotiated.
I cover Surrey, London Central, London South West and further afield by special arrangement.
Travel is included within a 10 mile radius of Woking. Other locations are charged at the current HMRC rate of 45p per mile, or the cost of the rail fare if appropriate.
My main workhorse is a 36Mp Nikon D800 DSLR. I use prime lenses for product photography and head shots, and a 28mm to 300mm zoom lens for event and PR work.
I'd hope to get you chatting, so you forget that you are under flashing lights with a lens being poked into your face!
Please don't! It's far easier for me to add virtual make-up in Photoshop (if desired) than to remove it. That goes for the ladies too!
For corporate clients a 30 day invoice, for smaller businesses, payment upon completion of the assignment, prior to receipt of final images. Please pay by bank transfer.